Sports Caps

These bottle caps are great to wear to your sons/daughters sports games!  Your kids will love it when you wear them!  Order these for the whole team and receive a 20% discount on the entire order :) Below are some examples of the different sports caps.

When telling me the colors you would like, please use the color chart so I can meet your preferences exactly (:

**Please let me know the name and number as well as the team colors.  The team colors will be the colors of the soccer ball, and you tell me what color you would like the writing in.

**You tell me the name and number as well as what color you would like for the background, and what color you would like for the football [i.e. background-cc0000, football-000ff (see color chart)]

**All you need to tell me when making an order for a baseball pendant is the name and number 

 High School Sports
**Choose between a glass tile or a bottle cap for this one :) Just email me the logo of your/your kids high school and tell me the sport they play and their number if applicable.  Love this cross country one!

**Your son isn't going to want to wear a necklace ;) how about a key chain for his backpack? So cute!

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